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You Choose Your Life! You Choose Your Lesson!

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

In the Time between Lives, your soul proceeds through an assessment process as it reflects on the lessons that you have learned during a particular lifetime. Your soul reviews events that you have experienced and your participating role in these events. What were your actions and behaviors to help or hinder others in their life’s trials and challenges? How did you contribute to the social growth and development of children, family and friends? What were your ongoing acts of love and kindness? On the other hand, were there acts of cruelty, abuse, manipulation? If your life were written in a memoir, you would be in an eternal Soul Library with others reviewing personal memoirs while also assessing your soul development. What a beautiful image of an eternal Library of souls self-evaluating and waiting to be re-gifted with another life choice and another lesson to learn!

The “Library” provides a critical means for soul assessment in order to determine your soul’s evolution towards spiritual oneness with G-d. In this model of enlightenment, your soul is constantly evolving from lifetime to lifetime moving closer and closer to perfection. Your soul is on an eternal journey growing and changing with each life providing you with a classroom learning experience. The relationships you have both positive and negative are your growth exercises that facilitate learning about yourself and others. Each life provides you with experiences to “grow your soul” and progress your soul up the “ladder” of spiritual holiness. At the end of each lifetime your soul asks the question: “What have I learned about love and kindness?” You determine where you are on the spiritual ladder and your place along the learning continuum of eternity. Dr Brian Weiss describes how more advanced and enlightened soul Guides assist you with your self- analysis in the Library.

Each relationship that you have potentially teaches you about yourself. In turn, you teach each person that you interact with. You always have a dual role and function, you are a teacher and a learner/student in each transaction with your children, family and friends. It may be hard to believe that your children will be your greatest teachers but think it through carefully. Children allow you to reflect back on yourself as a child in order to reflect on your relationships with your children. What were your challenges as a child? Did you have a happy childhood? Would you repeat your childhood if you could? Many adults would say: “Absolutely not!” Almost every person I have spoken to has indicated that they would have to make significant changes in either specific people in their early lives or particular events that were incredibly painful to endure. This kind of life period review is very important to self- understanding about what “worked” and what didn’t.

Why would you do this with a significant partner when you were considering having children? Well, both of you as a couple could consider what kind of parents you would want to be and what kinds of experiences you would want to provide your children with. As self- analysts, you would also want to discuss some of the problems you experienced as a child and what you would want to avoid for your own children. This is how and why your journal writing is so important to memorialize your discussions and insights that have developed with your peers and partners. What’s the underlying lesson?

In Tenure Denied, the Inspector keeps telling Caitlyn that the problem in her present life has an answer in her past lives. The problem she is having in her present life can be addressed by finding its source in a past life trauma and crisis. The process of self- assessment and review are neither quick nor easy but they are determinative. Life review and soul-assessment are important activities which facilitate careful reflection providing the opportunity for meaningful progressive change in the present and the future. Ask the critical questions of yourself? What would you do differently for your future children and significant partners?

Self- evaluate your life on a regular basis just as you would do while you’re in the Soul Library with a Soul Guide who has achieved a much higher level of enlightenment. Review your personal narratives and insights in your journal with a significant partner. Diary your experiences, joys, goals and accomplishments along with your fears and challenges. Consider writing a memoir for others to read and benefit from given your insights and lifelong lessons. Okay, maybe you’re afraid to write a memoir, how about a letter to someone that you’ve been in conflict with but don’t send it just yet?

This life assessment mirrors the kind of analysis that your soul will engage in to determine what else it needs to learn about love and kindness once you are in the Soul Library. So this is the point at which many inquisitive readers and searchers have the most difficulty. For souls who have been hateful such as racists and anti-Semites that hatred becomes a lesson for the person’s next life in which he/she becomes the victim and experiences the pain, loss and humiliation. The resulting consequence of what religionists would refer to as “sinful” behavior in which there is a Heaven and a Hell is different with this approach to eternity. The consequence here is the “lesson” in the next life approximating a Karma

explanation to multiple lives and soul progression.

You choose your life and your lesson from lifetime to lifetime as you ascend to higher levels of spirituality. Whatever remains unresolved gets repeated in future lives until it is resolved: resolve the hatred and the cruelty or experience them yourself in future lifetimes until you learn the lessons of love and kindness. What a wonderful world it would be without racism and antisemitism! In past life theory, there is no inherent concept of “sin,” only learning and lessons through eternity since “time” is eternal. How do you feel about this critical difference with traditional religions? There is no Hell to “punish” evil deeds/actions instead there is an eternity to experience lessons. Our newspapers are filled with multiple stories about racism and antisemitism around the world, what is the status of soul development today from culture to culture? Is there hope for us given the present state of universal love and kindness? What do you think?

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