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“What Happens to My Soul When I Die?” by Wendy Rose Williams

I’m fortunate to have experienced going Home to the Light hundreds of times. I had two Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) in 1997 while pregnant. I’m privileged to visit the Light when I facilitate clients’ journey Home during their healing sessions as well as during my own past-life regressions as the client. I believe our souls are eternal and cannot die. I’ve learned that our souls crave experiences in order to progress. We choose a rich tapestry of incarnations on Earth, on other planets, or in other dimensions such as the fairy kingdom or dragon realm. We’ve all been the proverbial “Saints and Sinners” during these amazingly varied experiences. When we “die” -- which I see as dropping the temporary housing for our beautiful, eternal soul – we return Home to Divine Creator. I see Home as a timeless, spaceless place where our souls originate. We may choose to have meaningful reunions with loved ones who’ve passed on – including our beloved animal companions. We can communicate telepathically with the Higher Self of souls who’ve incarnated once again. I view incarnation as a free will choice rather than as a trap or endless wheel we’re forced onto. Yet we may be asked to participate in a big adventure our soul group is mapping out during the pre-life planning phase. We may be encouraged to take on a new life by our Guides. Embodiment provides the opportunity for our souls to progress as human bodies are dense; we typically feel separated from the Divine; we need to learn how to balance our egos, our emotions and so much more while mastering the return to love. Our journey is always about love, at its core – but that can seem the furthest thing from daily life if we’re struggling with poor health; to earn a living; to have satisfying relationships or even to survive. Our souls rest at Home after we die. Many clients go to a beautiful place in nature such as a garden, a waterfall, the ocean or to the woods – whatever most speaks to their soul. I see Home as a place of unconditional love where we communicate telepathically – nothing can be hidden or is misconstrued. We debrief our most recent life as well as other lives with the help of wise beings who support us with great compassion. Any harsh judgment always turns out to be our own. My experience shows we have amazingly varied jobs at Home. We build skills that we can use in future incarnations as well as to help those who are presently incarnated. For example, I was delighted to learn I worked in the Akashic Records for eons while at Home in my pure soul form. I see the Akashic Records as the storehouse of all knowledge; past, present and future. We each have an amazing Book of Life located in the holy records. What a perfect fit for an avid reader, writer, and past-life regressionist to work in the Akashic Records! Over time I became a Spirit Guide. A client discovered during his session he was part of the pre-life planning team. He is a world traveler who has spent significant time in more than 100 countries. He uses this knowledge to help advise souls what life is truly like where they are considering incarnating for their next big adventure, and how this may or may not fit their proposed experiences and lessons. Another client works in a division of the Akashic Records that manages soul contracts. I see soul contracts as agreements we make with other souls before incarnating. The purpose of soul contracts is to help us level up. She is essentially a specialty type of attorney or negotiator who helps manage these soul-level agreements. Often the lessons are gratitude, forgiveness, and to have pristine boundaries to love oneself first, as a spark of the Divine. Lucille Ball said, “Love yourself first and everything else falls into line…” I believe everyone deserves to go to the Light when they drop their body. Some souls become Earth-bound for a time. If death is sudden, there are strong emotions and energy is expended on regrets or on anger and other low-vibration energy, that portion of the soul that was incarnated can become stuck on Earth. People can feel guilty, unworthy, and that they don’t deserve to go to the Light. I was shocked to discover that my soul had not journeyed Home when I dropped my body in Colonial America in the late 1600s. I was fortunate to be able to do a complex soul retrieval with help from numerous friends and spiritual teachers. My life improved in remarkable ways as a result. I wrote what it took to get my own stubborn ghost to go to the Light in my second book, “The Flow I: Plimoth Plantation (the prequel).” Dr. Michael Newton’s best-sellers “Journey of Souls” and “Destiny of Souls” are wonderful resources for those who’d like to read more about what happens to our souls when we die. Many of us are experiential learners and learn best by having our own past-life regression or Between-Lives sessions. These sessions allow us to experience going to the Light in a safe and uplifting way. Many clients tell me they no longer fear death as a result and feel more peaceful in daily life. My goal is to help others live happier, healthier lives by releasing the energy that no longer serves them. That allows us to live a more fulfilling life NOW, as well as enhances our afterlife where our soul or Higher Self -- our consciousness –- continues to exist.

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