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What Happens After Death, Guest Expert: Greg McHugh, PLR Therapist

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Following death the normal process or route upon physical death is for our nonphysical bodies or spirits to go either quickly or slowly into the Heaven World and the White Light of God. When this happens there is initially a lifting out of the body and often the leaving of physical sensations. For a while we may remain in the consciousness which was held while in the body and then, either quickly or gradually, a person may feel relief from the physical constraints and the emotional dross. Upon death we may remain close to the body for a brief period. We may be aware of and may focus on those nearby. When we become aware of the presence of Light or pure spiritual energy, we feel it as welcoming, loving, and compassionate.

Then we may become aware of loved ones who predeceased us who are welcoming us and of others who may appear unfamiliar but wonderfully welcoming. Angels may appear to assist us into the Light. Gradually we release the energies of that lifetime and withdraw into the Higher Realms that are

permeated by unconditional Love and Light. This pattern or route may vary for different souls. Generally, there seems to be a review and assimilation and learning through what are known as the middle and upper astral realms. These realms are of increasingly higher vibration. There is a processing of emotions and of learnings. There may be training, rest, and education for continuation of the pathway of the soul. Then a planning stage for return to the next incarnation occurs.

How do we know this? In the East there have long been scripture and teachings that attest to this Interlife journey: the Tibetan Book of the Dead is one such source. But a more direct experience has become available in the evolution of Regression Therapy. Since the late 1970s there has been a compiling of such “Interlife“ experiences of thousands of clients in regression sessions. In these sessions most clients have reported common themes and elements of this journey after death and of other aspects of the whole of the soul’s journey between lives. Among the many documentary writings are “Journey of Souls”, by Michael Newton, PhD and “Memories of God and Creation”, by Shakuntala Modi, MD. I have consistently found the same basic elements in my work in case after case over the years as reported by clients under hypnotic regression.

Some of us do not go into the Light at death (see also pages 50-51 “The New Regression Therapy”). Some of us remain here close to the physical plane for a while or what seems like a long time and then, upon letting go of whatever state to which we had been attached, we are taken up into the Light. When someone leaves the body but remains here, they may haunt dimensions close to the earth plane. They may attach to the energy fields of those who are in human physical lives here. These beings are then called “deceased human spirits” or “earthbound spirits” or “earthbounds.” Those who die and do not go into the Light and do not attach to those remaining on the earth are what we call “ghosts.” We get stuck here for a myriad of reasons. It may be confusion, anger, resentment, bitterness, wanting revenge, not wanting to leave loved ones or family, feeling that earthly projects are not finished, wanting to control others, jealousy of former partners. Sometimes a violent death combined with a state of fear may contribute to a person staying on the earth plane. Suicide, guilt, shame, and unexpressed remorse can also be strong factors that keep one from receiving the Presence in the Light. Terror in the death, fear of punishment, convincing beliefs that there is nothing beyond the physical can also be contributors to remaining here. Addictions to sex, drugs, alcohol or obsession with others or agreements and vows, such as “I will never leave you,” may also be factors. Loved ones or family members of departed ones are often heavily struck with grief, loss or guilt at the death of the loved one. They may stay stuck in their feelings and not move through them. Thus they may hold on to the one who just left. Such behavior acts like a strong emotional magnet keeping the deceased loved one here close to the physical plane. The deceased may attach to the grieving person still in the Earth life here. Sometimes the spirit of a deceased unborn child remains with the mother or gets scattered and lost after a miscarriage or abortion. In other cases the seemingly incomplete task of parenting children draws the deceased back to try to manage or protect offspring who remain. A deceased parent who still is carrying guilt about how they raised their children may attach to their grandchildren to try to protect or help them.

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