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Uncovering Our Past Lives, Guest Expert: Greg McHugh, PLR Therapist

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Do I have a past life?

No, you have many. Who knows the number? The lives you have had before are all influencing your experiences today. They are actually part of the story that is playing out now. We can describe them in the “past” tense but they are happening now in this moment.


So many mysteries we carry within us. It can be complicated and difficult to comprehend . . . so many lifetimes with learnings, purposes, lessons learned and lessons unlearned, loves lost and loves gained and unfinished issues and all going on within the soul’s memory.

You may have had experiences of “déjà vu” or experiencing an awareness that you are having a replay of something very familiar in context and feeling. But then that experience evaporates. You may encounter a person in this life and feel a great attraction to them and wonder at the familiarity of the comfort you feel with a total stranger.

The replay déjà vu is of an event that IS still going on now. You have had what can be called a “bleed through” from another lifetime that is actually still happening as part of your soul’s experience.

You feel a deep connection or familiarity with your new acquaintance because you have a relationship with them in another time and place, another life and if you went into meditation and made prayer to be shown where that was coming from you might get an insight that your rational mind would want to stuff away. But perhaps your heart would say “YES! I know you.” Often physical ailments and disease are the effect of unhealed trauma and associated beliefs. You might have a chronic digestive problem, maybe a serious one. All the medical help has not brought a cure. You see a Regression Therapist who listens to your story and the relating of fears associated with the chronic difficulty and how you have noticed this physical pain comes about then you worry about your ability to take care of you family. After clarifying she is not practicing medicine the Regression Therapist places you in an altered state and asks your subconscious mind to show you how this physical and emotional condition was created. She takes you on a journey that helps your conscious mind experience a prior lifetime where you were a Viking warrior defending your village and you die in battle as a sword pierces your belly.

In the death, you leave the body and see the battle and your village below. The therapist now calls forth the Divine Presence of your Higher Self, or an Angel of the White Light. She asks them to touch you in the death experience and the fears and feelings you carried out that life and to touch the trauma to the abdomen.

The death experience dissolves, the therapist assists you to relax into the after death experience where you see your family in the Light and realize they are safe and your fears of not being able to take good care of them dissolve.

The therapist asks the Angels of the White Light to find and heal the parts of your energy that were lost and damaged in the abdomen and asks that they heal and return those parts to your body and your soul.

She gradually brings you back into the therapy room. The next day you awaken and realize the fears you used to be so familiar with about being able to support your family are gone. And as you move through your day you notice the absence of abdominal discomfort.

Good story!? But you need not do a regression for healing. You can do investigations of your prior lives for information, they may not be full of trauma as the Viking’s. You may wonder where you came to your music talents and want to investigate. You may want to find out how you and your new romantic friend first connected. How many lives together? Experiences that resonate with the feeling of love, ease, happy.

You can make inquiry in regression as to prior lives with current parents, siblings. Your brother was a bully in this life. Was it a pattern between the two of you before ? Just finding out can be the beginning of healing and wisdom.

You feel an affinity for a location that so far you have not been to in this life. You think of it often and finally one day your go to that place. You are struck with the strong feeling and joy of being at home. You are at home.

You sit under the shade of a willow by the creek. The waterfall is full of the sounds of children laughing with their mother in the water. You ask where is “Grandfather?” This is your family. It’s happening now. Grandfather appears and thanks you for returning (again) and blesses you with his Light.

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