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The Transformation of the Souls of Evil People by Ian Roth

My name is Ian. I am the host of the podcast: The Regression Session- Exploring Healing Through Past Lives And The Metaphysical. I was asked to write down my thoughts as to the concept of “What happens to evil people when they die?” In order to understand the answer that I will give, I must first provide a bit of background and context. I will give brief explanations in the following. More private research can be done to expand on these concepts. My Expertise. I am a spiritual hypnotist. I have guided many people through past lives, parallel lives, quantum healing, and in between lives. Of course the one commonality we all share in life regardless of cultural, racial, or financial background is the inevitability of death. This truth is also shared in regression work. Guiding the client through the death of a past life is par for the course. It is so common in fact that it is easy to become desensitized to it. While guiding people through the death scene, many commonalities are seen. Once the soul has left the body there is typically some kind of pull, drawing them up away from the earth and pulling them through some kind of tunnel effect. Whether or not this is a physical tunnel or just perception is not known. However, upon exiting this tunnel there are commonly other “souls” there. Many experiences can be had upon exiting the tunnel into the “Spirit world” however the one that I would like to focus on is the life review. Life Review. The concepts that I am speaking about can be found in great detail in the works of Dr Michael Newton. But what is a life review? Have you ever heard the expression, “My life flashed before my eyes?” This is similar to the concept that I am speaking of. Upon entering the spirit world we will have the opportunity for a life review. However, it is common in this life review to not only experience your life from your own perspective, but also the perspective of every single person that you affected. Think of it as viewing your life as a stone being thrown into a lake, your life is the stone, and the ripple is the effect you had on others. From this perspective you can see the journey of the stone, and also view the ripples from a higher vantage point. To take it a step further, not only do you view the ripples, but you can step into the experience of the ripples. Another example, if we were walking down the street in opposite directions, and you bumped into me and I then proceeded to flip you off, cuss at you, and tell you off, I would see the interaction from the point of view of myself, and you. Experiencing the telling off, and the being told off. This is common in these life reviews. Egregore. ‘Definition: an occult concept representing a distinct non-physical entity that arises from a collective group of people. Historically, the concept referred to angelic beings, or watchers, and the specific rituals and practices associated with them, namely within Enochian traditions. More contemporarily, the concept has referred to a psychic manifestation, or thoughtform, occurring when any group shares a common motivation—being made up of, and influencing, the thoughts of the group.’ A Classic concept that must be discussed when talking about this question of “What happens to evil people when they die?” is the concept of heaven and hell. Obviously there is some sort of divine punishment for those that commit evil acts in this lifetime, right? Well actually… I would challenge you to think of this not so much as a punishment kind of scenario but more of a guilt based scenario. Returning to the concept of the life review. Imagine being someone that has committed atrocities. I will use the classic example of Hitler. Let me make it clear before writing this that If there is a hell, I believe Hitler belongs there. But let's put ourselves in the position of being hitler. We have just died, gone through the tunnel, and made our way to the life review. Imagine the ripples that would be experienced in a life such as his. If he was made to experience his own life, as well as the thoughts, emotions, feelings, pain, hurt, and torment that he caused to others in his life, can you imagine the guilt? Can you imagine the pain that would be experienced? This is where the concept of an egregore comes into play. To simplify the definition provided above, an Egregore is a nonphysical person, or place that is manifested into being from the combined thoughts, and energies of a collective group focusing on it for long periods of time. Think of all the people in history that have poured their whole being into trying to get to heaven, and to avoid hell. The amount of energy dedicated to these two places is IMMENSE. Thus, creating the perfect opportunity for an egregore to manifest. The Answer. With the concepts, context, and explanations given above I will now provide my answer to the question. “What happens to evil people when they die?” Where do they go? What punishment is waiting for them on the other side? My answer is simple. They go wherever they feel they deserve to go. I can’t imagine having to experience the pain and suffering you caused to others would make anyone feel happy. Especially once the physical body is shed and we return to spirit. If heaven and hell have been made manifest, and an evil person feels that they deserve to be in hell, odds are that they will find themself in the hellish landscape of an Egregore. If they truly feel they belong in heaven, the opposite would also be true. This answer may be unsatisfying to some, and may leave you with even more questions. In this field, the more you learn, the more you find that you need to learn. My challenge to anyone reading this is to step outside of your comfort zone. Explore differing opinions and beliefs. Don’t allow your mind to become stagnant. There is an incredible universe out there that is just waiting to be explored.

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