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The Healing Benefits of Past-Life Regression:Taking a Risk by Wendy Rose Williams

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

What does it mean to “wake up spiritually”? Could there really be healing benefits from past-life regression or was this New Age nonsense? I’d had my MBA degree since I was 22. Spirituality and reincarnation were not on my radar for my first 49 years.

I woke up spiritually and embraced past-life regression in a surprising way – via a dating website! I was matched with a man whom I recognized at the soul level. He felt it, too, as we finished one another’s sentences. We realized to our astonishment that we knew one another from our shared past lives. We learned that he held the soul contract – an agreement made before incarnating – to “wake me up spiritually.” My new boyfriend introduced me to past-life regression as a healing experience, having had life-changing sessions himself.

He recommended “Journey of Souls,” Dr. Michael Newton’s best-seller. Dr. Newton’s case studies came from his lifetime of 7,000 patients. Many of them experienced profound physical, mental, emotional, financial and relationship healings via their past-life regression and Life-Between-Lives sessions. Finding the “lifetime of origin” was key to heal and release the stuck energy now presenting as pain, trauma or disease.

An astrologer saw our first lives together as scribes in the silent monasteries. Being a scribe is often a precursor to becoming a writer - we helped one another become published authors today. We perfected our telepathy in the silent monasteries as we were not allowed to speak yet recognized one another and had so much to say. This telepathy ability still exists today.

He was my domineering older brother when I was accidentally poisoned to death. This led to digestion and elimination problems I thankfully resolved via past-life regression. We were best friends in multiple lives; lovers; and mother and son. We married 6 times including in the time of Will Shakespeare. I was an 1800s Sea Captain’s wife in Halifax, Nova Scotia with a large family. I became involved with the Underground Railroad and miraculously have the same large china closet now that I had then. We shared my favorite past life as “Robin Hood” North Seas pirates in the late 1300s. The governments were corrupt, and people desperately needed the affordable food we provided. An artist friend drew a beautiful sketch of me as that “Pirate Queen.”

We made several unforgettable past life pilgrimages to explore some of our shared past lives. Our relationship was the most unique soul connection I have experienced to date. We dreamed the same dream the same night regarding a crucial past life we needed to heal from 1,500 years ago. We had an amazing time together with so much laughter and support for one another, yet there was an underlying feeling of discordant energy and unease. Some of our core values did not align; and there was a trust issue that became insurmountable.

Our soul contract to marry and serve humanity together instead resulted in a breakup. It took us 8 more years to do the profound work to heal, release, and celebrate our shared previous 19 lives. Forgiveness was the key for much of this soul-level work. We both were driven to understand what had happened to make peace with it.

We had separate past-life regressions and Life-Between-Lives sessions to untangle our complex, intense soul mate relationship spanning thousands of years. A spiritual numerologist confirmed we were not only soul mates, but that we had a 6 out of 6 soul mate match. That was too much intensity for any couple to bear – it was a “highest highs, lowest lows” energy.

I was fortunate to receive incredible physical and emotional healings and insights from my past-life regressions. My first Life-Between-Lives regression transcript contained 65 pages of new information to help me improve my life. I was able to heal chronic physical pain that was so debilitating I was close to needing a wheelchair. I released a significant number of lives where I’d taken a vow of poverty so that I could attract the financial resources to live my life purpose today.

Sound fantastical? No one was more surprised than me by the healing benefits of past-life regression.

My first few sessions as the client were so profound that I trained with Dr. Brian Weiss (“Many Lives, Many Masters”), among others. I became a “Past Life Adventure Guide” to help others via the incredible process of past and future life progression. I became a Reiki Master energy healer, a Certified Spiritual Teacher, and a published author and speaker specializing in reincarnation and NDE (Near-Death Experiences).

My goal is to help others live happier, healthier lives filled with purpose by releasing the energy that no longer serves them.

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