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Memories by Salma Hussein

The subject of reincarnation was never discussed growing up. I grew up in a Moslem, Christian, Buddhist household and was born with certain abilities, nothing to do with reincarnation. One of those abilities was being able to see present, future and past events as though watching a movie on a tv screen. The memories I can recall now from past lives, are very much seen the same way only I’m involved. I can see, feel, and hear what is happening. I can ask questions.

I started exploring past life by accident. I had fought a bitter child custody battle and noticed my natural psychic abilities had become suppressed by the stress I was under. I was advised to try some meditation, and as I began making this practice part of my daily routine, I felt more relaxed and began seeing flashes of broken images that made no sense to me. My first thought was that my abilities were returning.

It was a few weeks before the images turned into a movie of a past life. I strived to learn more about who I was as a spiritual being. The more relaxed I was in my meditation, as I counted down, the more past lives came to me with ease playing events and providing me with names and dates. Some lives were remarkable, some not so much. I found that I could communicate as a third person with the person that I was. The answers to my questions would be in images or spoken out loud.

The past lives that I found most remarkable were the ones on other planets. The majority of lives lived had been on other planets. A few have been lived here on this planet, such as Mian, a young girl from a wealthy family living in ancient Japan. I was a Roman soldier twice, a travelling merchant in ancient China, a wealthy woman in ancient Greece (I’d been drawing her face since I was a child), an ancient Egyptian, a Mayan girl, a medieval English girl murdered before she could alert her village of an impending attack.

My strongest and recurring memory has been the one connected to a red planet. I won’t call it Mars, because I don’t know that it was. I can tell you that it wasn’t all red desert, it wasn’t extremely hot or cold, and it was perfectly breathable.

I saw myself in a beige uniform. I was human and my name was Clara. I was in a vehicle with several other people dressed as I was. We drove on a road, surrounded by red terrain. I could see some of my companion’s faces clearly, a handsome man with short black hair, a young woman with longish blonde hair tied back into a ponytail, and a big muscular guy with light brown hair. I recall walking across the red terrain and coming to this valley which was covered in a sea of purple and white flowers. The sky was a calm orangey red in colour. I could hear gushing water, where I discovered a waterfall, which was somewhere beyond a cluster of green bushes. To my left in the distance, I could see a city with aqueducts.

My feelings connected to the red planet are very sad, and I have an unbelievable homesickness for that home, and everything connected with it.

I have a clear memory of when I left the red planet, I wasn’t alone. It seemed like a mass exodus. I could see the city below us which was fully intact. I had no idea at this point why we left. We left in our massive spaceships, so many of us. It was daytime. I was on one of the last ships. The soldiers behind me were busying themselves with tasks, while I stared out of the open hanger bay at the city we were leaving behind.

In my next meditation, I was on the red planet again. There was a red mountain in the distance and some sort of purple-violet circular light encircling the peak of the mountain. It looked beautiful. I could see the dark silhouettes of dozens, maybe more people staring up at it, some of them very close to the mountain. For some reason, I had the feeling, that this was the reason we left. This was the danger. The image vanished.

I found myself on the red planet in a further meditative session, but I wasn’t the me that I expected. I was someone else. My name was Saska and I was some sort of warrior. There was a tribal vibe as though I was a true native of this planet. Saska called the planet Roar-ra. She also spoke in another language. She kept repeating certain words in that language. When I asked about family, the image of a room with red cave-like walls appeared. The windows seemed just open holes, and I could see out on to the red landscape. Inside was lit by a low light, and the room felt comfortable. I saw myself bent down in front of a boy of about 7 or 8, with fair hair. He was my child. I was lovingly touching his face and speaking to him. He was dressed in a light navy-blue flight suit. The image ended.

Three days later, in another PLR meditation, I was back on the red planet again. I spoke to Clara. She told me her people call the planet Arad. Her people arrived there 50 years before. They live peacefully away from the natives. They created a city of glass-like structures surrounded by a garden of greenery. She doesn’t live in the city, but in barracks outside the city. She was born on this planet. Her people originally came from a green jungle like planet. I was shown a distant tiny green light in space. I couldn’t get the name of their original home. They left because of a large asteroid which threatened the planet’s destruction. They believed the asteroid was put in the planet’s path on purpose. It is at this point that I learned that she and her people left the red planet because they were followed and were in danger.

I find that it can be very draining for me to recall past lives, and some connections to memories are stronger than others. I’ve never tried PLR through a specialist therapist, perhaps because in the only hypnotherapy session I experienced, the therapist admitted it was “extremely difficult in all his years of practice to put me under,” There are many YouTube videos for regression which I’ve explored, some helpful, and others not so much. What I’ve discovered is that I find it faster to connect with a past life if I use my own method of meditation to relax as I count down and safely open that door.

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