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How my work heals and frees your soul with it’s journey..

Nesrin – Wisdom Visionary was not the name I was born with, but we’ll get back to this moniker’s meaning later, as it will help explain this journey I’ve been on for a half century plus. As a believer of past lives from the age of 10 years on, I was awakened by an experience I had on an island. I used to frequent this island during summers between school sessions and what happened there changed my life for ever. One day I saw before me, out of nowhere, a Babushka like woman with an ornately flowered head scarf. She floated in an endless black space between two same sized trees and then I heard these words in my mind,”You have seen through these eyes before..”, then the whole vision just dissipated. I had no Idea what that meant at such a young age. The culture I had been brought up in didn’t have any religious references to the words I heard that day... So began a 47 year journey in becoming an All Sensory Medium and Channel: Specializing in The Akashic Records / Past Life Healing / Life Path Guidance for Awakened Sensitives, Twin Souls, Soul Mates and Soul Groups / Vibrational Light Worker / The Way Within - Healing Meditation Class Course.

How might you ask did I get from that moment of hearing the Babushka’s ominous words, that ‘I’d seen through these eyes before’, to how I could help those that found me through synchronicity - meaning: through the flow of life.

I did not ask to be a High Sensitive Healer. I had to awaken, through a series of turning point life events that brought me to this place, only then could I help heal so many.

Between the ages of 10 and 18 I would read everything I could get my hands on that related to the strange words, I had heard that day, so long ago.

I didn’t know what I was looking for, but soon I found information and meaning in Sci-Fi books, TV shows like Star Trek and movies like Star Wars by the age of 12 and yes they all had draws to the energy I had felt that day - all resonating with my sense of knowing / intuition. When I was drawn to something I followed it to it’s full experiencial end. There were answers at the end of each patient journey. I found peace in ambient music, planetariums, crystals, Buddhism, meditation, Kundalini yoga and traveled throughout the world at a time of rich culture in the ’80’s, 90’s into the very early 2000’s and being thoroughly, emotionally inspired with every foot step I took. I wrote in piles of journals of what I saw, tasted, smelled and felt.. All my senses came alive along the way.

Then I had a child. This beautiful experience brought into confrontation a reflection of myself, the last vestiges of an old past that needed to be let go of.. Hard as life can be we always find a way to make all that needs to happen, manifest. This part on my life journey / experience I took on my own, no husband. Through my intuition, I trusted the skills that I had garnered in other lifetimes and learned others I’d been thrown into in this life; such as learning to cook, bake, garden, sew, weave, clothing and costume design all helped my life financially, as well most importantly to fully express myself in 28 of those years. The place I arrived at through these intense new experiences, as well illnesses, was to understand fully who I was as a human being. Soon it was revealed from a very old pain unresolved, many incarnations of past selves, I had to now let go and forgive myself - to move on. The way was through the pain, to feel it, acknowledge it, feeling a way back to the heart.. I had acquired through my life experiences, much in the way of a monk, hidden away studying spiritual disciplines in a mountain cave, till there was a time to come back to the world - fully connected to the eternal wisdom within. In many ways I had been freed from an external prison of learned self abandonment. Though healing, I had through tears of emotional release, a knowing and acceptance of an innate inner truth I had forgotten. I had resisted confrontation through stubbornness of mind for eons. I crawled out of my self created prison cell / the cave, my true self radiantly expressed, never to look back at the past ever again - just the open road of unexplored life ahead.

Only a life lived in freedom, to experience life to it’s fullest, can anyone know their own innate truth.. The many years of learning spiritual disciplines and tools and then the expression of them, was the way to internal wisdom.. The mirror of the externalized world of illusion helps you to know what you don’t want anymore in your current life - no longer has a hold on you.. Freedom from fear.

Through your own positive magnetization / the radiance of an opened heart, you bring to your life a flowing river of opportunity. A richness of life experiences that will help you to understand the meaning of the Universe. You have now found through these life experiences the connection within, an expansion of balanced peace and love with others on Earth... Compassion.

So to rap up this tale of transformation.. The moniker of Nesrin (my first real name) - Wisdom Visionary was given to me by my wonderful clients, ‘Is to see wisdom in a vision from within.’- this is my heart mission and what I do with love for those that find me, through the flow of life.

Sat Nam, Namaste and Blessed Be.

Nesrin – Wisdom Visionary

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