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How I Got Started With PLR

‘Previously I had believed in past lives but now I knew this was real in every cell of my being. It was no longer just a mental idea; it was a profound full body knowing that changed my life.’

I am so happy to be talking to you today about the life-changing therapy of past life regression. It is exciting to share such mind-expanding information with you.

Past life regression as a healing technique has been in my world since the early nineties. Over these past few decades I've facilitated hundreds of past life journeys and taught scores of healers and therapists how to do this important work. I continue to teach and practise this therapy because it is, quite simply, profound.

PLR brings about major transformations to our body, our psyche and our spirit. It expands our mind to concepts and knowings that transcend this third-dimensional reality. With skilful facilitation we enter an alpha brain state, where our subconscious mind is open to all of our experiences. We find ourselves in a different time period with a different body, feeling the deep emotions associated with our experience.

We can time-travel to significant events and, most importantly, find ourselves at the moment just before we died in that lifetime. This is a powerful point as our unresolved trauma and fear-based beliefs come with us when we die. We are drawn to resolve these issues in another lifetime.

This work is mind-expanding and deeply healing. After exploring a relevant past life and reviewing that experience, we dialogue with our past life ‘character’ to learn the psychological issues that are adversely affecting us today. At this point some strong ‘Ah ha’ moments are common.

Fear-based patterning that has been in our energetic field for a very long time is then released during the therapy stage of a regression. I equate this to being like a physical operation, yet it’s occurring in our energetic pattern in real time, where it brings positive shifts to every level of our being. We also clear any karmic relationship issues that are affecting you today due to what occurred with that soul in the past life.

I was asked to write about how I got started with Past Life Regression, so let’s begin that story.

Once upon a time (in this lifetime!) I was training to be a naturopath in Australia. Ansett Australia were recruiting for flight attendants at the time. I was lured by the idea of travel, fun and glamour so I applied, and I got in. My studies went on hold while I settled in Sydney to begin my new temporary career.

It was fun, there was a lot of travel and there was certainly some glamour. I was happily flitting around countries on airplanes, in and out of hotels, learning to speak in public, honing my leadership skills, tuning in to an incredibly diverse range of people’s needs, enjoying the learning that comes with travel and partying way too much.

In the early nineties I transferred with the airline to Perth for a quieter lifestyle so I could continue my natural therapy studies. I began reading esoteric books from my mum’s fascinating library. My mother is a professional astrologer and had studied metaphysics for decades (I used to stand by white doors so she could practise seeing my aura when I was 9) I hadn’t been interested over the years but the timing was now perfect. Learning about life after death naturally morphed into reading all the past life books I could find.

In Perth I was drawn to attend numerous spiritual and alternative courses, workshops and events with renowned spiritual teachers like Wayne Dwyer and Caroline Myss. I practiced talking with Spirit after my older brother Jamie passed over from an autoimmune condition.

My studies morphed into learning massage, a pivotal point for me as it was here I met my spiritual mentor who introduced me to guided spiritual healing – a modality that amazed me. I was hooked on connecting with spirit in this new embodied way and did all the courses I could find to learn as much as I could about spiritual healing.

I was regularly channelling, reading spiritual and self-development books and working with therapists and healers. It was an incredibly powerful ascension time for me for many years.

In 1993 I saw a tiny ad in a local newspaper – past life regression sessions! I couldn’t believe my good luck, I thought this was something only available overseas in places way more progressive than little old Perth in Western Australia. Off I went to explore some past lives.

My first session was unforgettable. I was cosied up on a mattress on the floor in my regressionists home while her caged bird swung on a squeaky swing. I accessed three past lives, one as an off-planet being supervising the relocation of people from a planetary disaster. It was so interesting and deeply moving for me. I also experienced being a courtesan in the Middle East, but the most profound of all three was the life I had as a small boy in a simple, basic time. My father came home highly distressed from not being able to find food and torched the house in his desperate state. Questions about my family and who had died and who hadn’t were of little interest to me – I was busy feeling delighted with the experience and feeling of leaving my body and being in Spirit.

Previously I had believed in past lives but now I knew this was real in every cell of my being. It was no longer just a mental idea, it was a profound full body knowing that changed my life. I had a few more interesting sessions before the opportunity to learn past life regression presented itself.

Rev. Neville Rowe, my regressionists teacher, was scheduled to arrive from the USA to teach his foundation skills course in April 1994. I was beyond excited to sign up for this workshop and learn how to facilitate this amazing technique.

Shockingly Neville died in a mountaineering accident only weeks before his trip to Perth. My regressionist spent the next six months levelling up her teaching skills before she created The Australian Institute of Past Life Studies. I was in her very first past life regression course where she passed on Neville’s foundation training. I went on to do her advanced practitioner training and spent many hours practising regressions on pilots and flight attendants.

I had started a private healing practise at home while I was still flying. Past life regression became a popular modality in my new business. In 1996 I quit flying to become a spiritual healer and teacher. (That’s a good story, if you’re curious that’s in my book Truth, Spirit, Love – The Essential Guide to Healing.) Over the years I have aligned more with teaching, writing and speaking, yet I still see clients and share this wonderful work.

I have taught hundreds of lightworkers, hypnotherapists, counsellors, doctors, psychiatrists and healers this brilliant technique, and I will continue to do so as the potential to raise global consciousness is profound. Not only does past life regression as a therapy heal physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual issues, it literally expands our minds and hearts.

When we know in every cell of our being that our spirit lives on, our fear of dying dissipates. When we no longer fear death our lives change. We are braver, more courageous, more loving and less egoic. Our vibration lifts, we become lighter and brighter, as well as more conscious.

We learn that any unresolved issues or fears at the time we leave our body come with us to be sorted out at some point. With simple, yet powerful processes we can release the psychological or physical issue and evolve from karmic patterns. We learn to forgive and make peace NOW rather than in another lifetime doing the very same things repetitively in different bodies.

Our Earth home will thrive when we all evolve. Past life regression is a simple technique that can bring awesome experiences that literally change our lives and our minds in all the best ways.

I am eternally grateful to Neville Rowe for his continued support of my work from Spirit and for trusting me with his unique past life regression technique that I have only adapted slightly. The therapeutic work he created as part of the technique is unique (and so very important!) in this field.

I also want to mention dear Dolores Cannon who I studied with. Her contribution to this field is nothing short of incredible. Thank you. And gratitude to Brian Weiss for his writing that brought past life regression into the consciousness of people all over the world.

May you too be inspired, healed and transformed in wonderful ways by learning or experiencing past life regression for yourself.

With light


Author of Truth, Spirit, Love – The Essential Guide to Healing. Available on Amazon

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