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“How Did I Handle Finding My First Past Life?” by Wendy Rose Williams

Many people are interested in learning about their past lives but may feel concern what if they discover they’ve been a bad person, or that they won’t be able to integrate this new information about themselves in a healthy way.

I’ve learned we’ve all been “Saints and Sinners” – forgiveness is a complex practice typically accomplished over many lifetimes in the soul’s evolution. Forgiving ourselves can be the hardest part of mastering the art of forgiveness.

I explored my first past life during a formal past-life regression with a Newton hypnotherapist in late 2011. It was an amazing experience as I not only discovered that I could access this incredible knowledge from my own psyche but could use it to improve my life now. In a mere two hours I released a lifetime of anxiety – in two short hours! This changed my life.

I was a little disoriented initially when I began experiencing a past life for the first time. I could see an old-fashioned bicycle lying on its side in a major intersection with one of its wheels spinning. I then got a sense of horses and carriages and a busy city all coming into focus. Next, I saw a bobby – a British police officer - which I knew meant I was in London. It felt like it might have been the early 1700s?

In the next scene I saw myself enjoying picking out cheeses and fruits in an outdoor marketplace. I could feel the empty shopping bag over my left arm. I was wearing fine clothing that included a long skirt, gloves, and what felt like a hat and a little cape. I sensed I was a well-to-do young woman named Annabelle. I lived at home with my parents and siblings as I was 19 years old and not yet married.

Being in the market alone was a thrilling adventure, as a young lady of my station was seldom allowed out without a chaperone. I had left the house on my own in search of a little freedom and adventure.

When I was entering the market, I noticed a man with dark, poorly cut hair and rumpled coarse clothing. He discreetly grabbed a piece of meat and then some fish before race-walking away as fast as possible. He was trying not to attract any attention. He jumped onto the bicycle which he had hidden nearby in an alley way and pedaled off as if the hounds of hell were after him.

I recognized the man. He lived several streets over from our grand home – my father was an affluent banker. This other man lived in the poor section. He had a large family, and I heard his wife was seriously ill. Times were hard for those who could not find work.

My family and most of upper-class London looked the other way from the needs of the poor, the ill, those who had fallen on hard times. We were not charitable to those in need. People were instead blamed for their misfortunes.

A nearby bobby was quickly called over by the angry merchants when they realized there had been a theft. The bobby stopped me, and asked me if I knew where the man in question had gone? Did I know who he was?

I had to make an immediate decision. I went against everything I’d been raised to do – to be truthful and to respect authority. I smiled sweetly and cocked my head charmingly. I lied convincingly as I told the bobby and the merchants, I had no idea there had been a theft?

I asked them – while batting my eyelashes - “Oh, my, what is our great city coming to?”

I worked to engage the bobby and the two merchants in a prattling conversation to allow the desperate, hungry man more time to get away. I was a buxom blonde in that lifetime - I used my beauty shamelessly during that pivotal turning point.

The distressed man must have abandoned his bicycle in the intersection in his desperate bid for freedom. I certainly hope he kept it, with a little help from me. Debtor’s prison was a grim reality in London in the 1700s. What was the man to do to feed his family and to get medical care for his wife?

He couldn’t find honest work, and his sick wife and children needed food as well as shelter and warmth and clothing. There was no safety net for those who most needed it. This simply wasn’t right. I have no regrets regarding the instant decision I made in that lifetime to lie to the police.

I was surprised by what I experienced when the hypnotherapist asked me to move forward to the next important scene. I found myself in another life in a male body. The therapist asked me to describe my surroundings:

“I’m alone in a cold, stone prison. I’m chained to the wall by two long chains on my arms. I have dark ratted hair, well below my shoulders, half-way down my back. I believe I have been here for as long as several years, without a trial.”

Therapist: “Do you have a sense of where you might be, geographically, and the time period?”

“I get the sense I may be in Spain in the early 1600s, but I don’t have many clues, as I can’t see anything beyond these coral, uneven stone walls and flooring. I am so cold because I’m either completely naked, or have very little tattered clothing left – another clue I have been here a long time? I have some sores on my body and am extremely thin, but still have some health and clear thinking left, as I was in the prime of my life when I came here – it feels like I was in my twenties.”

The hypnotherapist asked me softly, “Why are you in prison?”

“It has something to do with books – I stopped books from being burned, or I was caught reading things that are forbidden, or perhaps I was bold enough to write eloquently about things that are not allowed by the establishment. I was also helping others learn to read and write in a time when it’s forbidden.” “How do you feel about your situation?”

I realized I was crying as I could feel my mascara sticking behind the eye mask I was wearing for my session.

Well, certainly, I’m miserable physically, and abjectly lonely.”

Therapist: “What else?”

“I am proud I stood up for what I believed in. That took great courage in the time and place this occurred – it’s the Spanish Inquisition. It’s a brutal time but I still have hope I will be freed, and my imprisonment will become a distant memory. In the most important ways I feel free anyway, as I have not been deprived of who I really am. My mind is still clear.”

My therapist helped me orient back to the current day. We debriefed how I felt about authority today as my session time was concluding. At first, I tried to answer glibly that I had no issues with authority - I had excelled in school and work and had never had trouble with the law.

As we probed more why these two lives had surfaced, I connected the dots that I had a lot of anger regarding the current government, the economy, and how opportunities could be limited for my own daughters if they were to incur large college debts. I thought again about debtor’s prison and how it didn’t have to be literal.

The therapist encouraged me to remember what I’d seen and experienced in prison and with the bobby. Was I meant to wield my own authority lightly and to help inspire others to do the same? What could I do to be fully in my heart and to help others who needed it?

I followed my therapist’s excellent advice and wrote down what I was able to recall from the two past lives. I meditated about the past life lessons. I woke up having dreamed about my past lives and recalled additional details and kept writing. I researched the lives I’d described the best I could, and everything seemed to fit. This calmed down my left brain or ego which can cry out, ‘You’re making everything up!’ after having a successful past-life regression.

If I was making everything up, why did I feel so much better not only emotionally but physically since the session? I felt lighter and more positive in general. Having resolved a lifetime of anxiety and what I now recognized as a fear of authority was so liberating!

I knew healing was occurring at a deep level. I didn’t need to understand everything with my left brain but rather with my heart and with my gut – my own innate knowing or discernment as to what was my own deepest truth.

Seven years later I had a major collision. Three airbags exploded in my face and my car was totaled. I asked my Spirit Guides why this ‘accident’ occurred. They told me it was to allow me the opportunity to resolve my issues with authority. I had to call the police from the accident scene; deal with traffic court; settle with my insurance company and more in my first ‘at fault’ collision. All went incredibly well, and I celebrated this energy release that began with the past-life regression.

Healing often comes in layers – like an onion, we peel away more and more. We may shed some tears, which is a healthy way to feel and then release emotions or may occasionally cut ourselves with the knife. But if we keep embracing our lessons with as much courage and scrupulous honesty as we can, our vibration and frequency rises over time as we live our purpose with joy. My goal is to help others live happier, healthier lives by releasing the energy that no longer serves them.

-- Wendy Rose Williams, Past Life Adventure Guide Energy Healer/ Certified Spiritual Teacher "I help people from around the world release energy that no longer serves them" Cell/ Text: 425.502.0362 "Waking Up Spiritually!" podcast 2nd & 4th Sunday at noon Pacific

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