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Healing Karmic Relationships from A Past LifeTime

I remember the first time I had a deja vu experience about a past life. I was 23 years old and had never traveled outside of the United States. I was sitting on a hotel balcony in Izmir,Turkey with my new boyfriend Bulent. Bulent was Turkish and he took me to Turkey to see his country for a vacation. I was in-love with my exoctic lover. I had had very little boyfriend experience up to this point. I was shy and inexperienced in alot ways about the world.

I grew up in Southern Kentucky with a traditional evangelical Christian background so dating a man with had followed a Islam religion was by all accounts unorthodox for me. Yet I was intoxicated just being near him and him to me.

We met in an unusual way which only the universe could set up. I lived in South Florida and he lived in Germany. I had taken a trip to New Your City with girlfriends in the fall of September “86. Bulent went to see NYC friends in October “86. One of my girlfriends went back to NYC in October with all the pictures from our September trip. She was visiting one of(200) Bulent’s friends. He looked at my picture and said I must meet your girlfriend.

By November “86 he came to Florida to meet me and so then an instant relationship as an intimate couple began. A passionate whirlwind affair was ours. Every six weeks he would come to Florida to see me. We never could get enough of each other when together. A week would go by and then he would be back on plane again back to Germany.

Somehow we were going to make it work. The falling year Bulent insisted he had to take me to Turkey for a three week vacation. It was all so exciting. I finally had a boyfriend taking me on romantic adventures. I felt we were soul mates. There was just something I knew about him. Up to this point I hadn’t read a lot about past lives. I had heard of deja vu but that was all.

One evening while having dinner on the hotel balcony Bulent looked at me and said, “I have the strangest feeling I have been here with you since long ago. He looked dizzy. I think I just had Deja Vu. We talked for a while about what he was feeling and let the subject go. What could we make of it?

The next evening again we had dinner on the hotel balcony but this time it was me. I had a flash of a very, long time ago. It was the feeling of the 15th century of Bulent and I together. In that very spot. I knew him. I knew his energy. It was a wave of memories, feelings and experiences. We were lovers once before. Deja Vu again. Confirmation for both of us. I looked at Bulent and told him. We have been together for a long time. I believe in reincarnation and this is something we are learning about from each other. The whole time I was in Turkey I could feel myself experiencing the energy of the country all over again. Turkey, Bulent and I were back together again for a short while.

Bulent and I had tons of turmoil, confusion, and drama in our relationship. A good sign of a karmic relationship needing healing. As fast as we had become lovers is as fast as we had

uncoupled three years later. It had spinned itself out. I was bewildered why we ended. Eventually the story became clear he married someone his parents wanted him to marry. He was seeing us both. She lasted. I was cast away. Eleven years later he came back to me asking for forgiveness for not being truthful to me. I forgave him and by then was fully healed. I recognized that me at that moment had grown exponentially from no longer needing to be in a relationship with Bulent. The gift was I was no longer attracted to him and I got to live a better expression of myself from the breakup. Forgiveness, healing, and moving on from the past. I feel we healed our karmic relationship this lifetime. Going to Turkey was the catalyst to have that Deja Vu. It benefitted us both.

Oftentimes as souls with bodies having a human experience incarnated we will re-experience our souls growth with the energies we were around from a past life. Until we outgrow each other we will find ourselves getting involved again and again. That is why it takes many lifetimes for us to spiritually grow.

This was my first journey in understanding a past life experience. Healing and forgiveness to becoming more whole. Years later in the early “90’s I came across Brian Weiss M. D book many Lives, Many Masters and it had a profound effect on me. I could put my experience with Bulent in some sort of language. It was the beginning of a deeper search.

What have I discovered about myself in this life? I am Energy. I am here to learn and grow. I have inner guidance or angels to help me along the way. I have a purpose or spiritual thrust in being here. I am spiritually free, the only thing that keeps me from that is my concepts. I have spiritual gifts or aka psychic gifts that help me with my daily impressions. And if I have that so does everyone else on Planet Earth. Planet Earth is a big school to come to for a soul to mingle with different states of consciousness. I am here because I choose to be here for my spirit. Understanding yourself through Past Life Regression is a way to get inklings for an individual on understanding relationships, fears, affinities to ones life. It is a beautiful way to become involved in one's soul growth.

Spiritual Mentoring/Past Life Mentoring

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