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Beginning from The Past By Janis R. Cohen, LCSW

The Universe always finds a way to give you what you need.

It was in early summer of 2008 when I came upon an advertisement for PLRht (Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy) training. Dr. Brian Weiss was offering a five day, in-person, training in Rhinebeck, New York. The opportunity piqued my interest enough to fill out the submission form. Little did I know how pivotal connecting pen to paper would be for me that day, both personally and professionally.

The training was held at the Omega Institute, which was perfectly tucked away in nature and where attendees could leave the hustle and bustle of normal life behind and lean into the natural order of things in mind, body and spirit.

Each of use made our way to our respective dorm rooms; which were only eight feet by eight feet and contained a single bed and a few empty metal drawers. There was a communal bathroom, communal eating area and beautiful paths that naturally formed amidst the zig-zagging trees. I found myself in love with the opportunity to unplug from the world, with immersing myself in the earth’s bounties and eating all- natural vegan food. I am certain, now, that this setting was an essential backdrop for our transformative experiences.

I remember Dr. Weiss sharing this message with the group on the first day of the training, “Each of you was handpicked by me to attend this training. There were 2700 people who applied for your spots and I choose 127 of you; based on my sense that you were meant to be here.” I was floored and had no idea that there was such a demand for this training.

It was my first exposure to and understanding of the profound nature of Dr. Weiss’s expertise. Up until this point, I had only read a few of his books; which I devoured.

Twice a day, each day, Dr. Weiss would facilitate past life regressions; once with the group, and then with a few chosen individuals. He did this for two reasons: first, to show us how the process worked and second, to give us the personal experience of revisiting our own past lives. It was, perhaps, one of the most impactful consecutive five days of my life.

Dr. Weiss’s voice is incredibly soothing and calm; the perfect voice for a hypnotist. Surely the Universe knew that his gentle demeanor would be the key to inducing others magically back in time.

I remember connecting with at least six past lifetimes during that time and being absolutely enamored with the process, Dr. Weiss’s quick induction method, and with the clarity of my own past life memories. Several of those memories remain crystal clear in my mind to this day.

The first was when I was a victim of the Holocaust. I have always had a strong aversion, a disgust really, for the German accent, but never knew why. And, to this day, I can never watch a program, read a book, or listen to a German accent without my body immediately locking up in fear. I was there. I saw what happened. I remember what happened to me.

In this particular vision, I saw, from afar, an enormous and deep pit with piles and piles of skeletons heaped on top of one another. In this past life memory, I watched as two German soldiers took my skeletal remains, fresh from the gas chamber and after my flesh had been burned off, and threw them into the rising pile of bones like a piece of trash. Our lives had no meaning to them. We were subhuman. We didn’t matter. It still is a chilling to recall.

In another lifetime, I was a common man in the Greek Roman Era who was running for my life. I was trying to escape the soldier who was hunting me down. He was wearing substantial armored garb to protect his face and body. I was able to escape death in the lifetime. Fortunately, the soldier had to forgo killing me because he was called back to join his troop. In yet another lifetime, I returned back to somewhere around the 16th or 17th century. I was a fairly well off white woman at the time, had a brown long dress on, brown leather boots and was walking down a stone stairwell and onto the dusty, natural floor. I was the woman of the house, I believe, and I was just observing my life.

The same year I trained with Dr. Weiss, I entered into a relationship with a man whom I met in a single’s Salsa class. It was, without a doubt, the most toxic, destructive, emotionally painful and psychologically violating relationship I have even been in. It was only later, in 2011, with the help of a gifted friend who could see the root cause of our reincarnation with each other using his clairvoyance, that I was able to uncover the purpose of that relationship. Once my friend uttered the first few sentences of what he saw, I stopped him from talking and I told him what I saw.

It was back in the time of the Exodus, in Egypt. I was an Egyptian Priestess and this man, whom I met in Salsa class, had been my Jewish slave; who I exploited, back then, in the same ways he exploited me in this lifetime. I was settling my karmic debt with him now. And, as fate would have it, our cultures reversed in this lifetime; I am Jewish and he is Arab. The debt that I had to settle was colossal. Thankfully, I paid it back in full and wiped that slate clean.

I know that everything I learn and all of my life experiences are to be used in my work with clients. I was meant to attend Dr. Weiss’s training because I was meant to help others in my therapeutic work more profoundly with this exact skill set.

To this day, I have helped hundreds of clients uncover the root causes to their fears and phobias, health issues, troubling relationships, challenges with family members and romantic partners, clarify and clear money challenges, end generational trauma, curses, and settle familial karmic debt that has been passed down many generations, until the right family member was able connect with the root cause and resolve the toxic legacy through PLR.

What I learned from Dr. Weiss has been pivotal in my work to this day with my clients. I am eternally grateful for being one of “the chosen few.”


Janis R. Cohen, LCSW has been a licensed therapist for 30 years and is also a clairvoyant, empath and medium. She is internationally knowns as The Intuitive Therapist.

Janis helps women maximize, monetize and revolutionize their lives using their divine gifts with confidence so that they can live in the truest and highest expression of themselves.

She offers Intuitive Psychic Therapeutic Readings (a process that is unique to her in the field of psychotherapy), Past Life Regression hypnotherapy and Intuitive Therapy Programs.

In 2016, Janis published her first book called The Intuitive Therapist, written for therapists, coaches and counselors to help them accelerate and empower their clinical practices with the wisdom of their intuition. Lay people have equally benefitted from reading her book as by learning the techniques to develop their intuitive gifts and problem solving skills.

Janis’s second book, written for women who want to revolutionize their lives, will be published by Winter, 2022.

Janis’s podcast, called The Intuitive Therapist podcast, is broadcast through iTunes, Spotify, Podbean and Stitcher and was established in 2017. Listeners all over the world have benefited from her psychic insights, clinical expertise and no nonsense approach to resolving life challenges. With the Intuitive Therapist podcast, Janis merges intuition, spirituality, metaphysics and therapeutic wisdom to teach listeners how they can master their emotional, psychological, spiritual, and financial destiny to ultimately achieve courage, confidence and certainty in all aspects of their lives.

Janis’s private practice is currently located in Sandy Springs, Ga., where she works with clients locally and remotely, around the globe.

You can email her at and find more about her services from her website:

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